Alfred H. Perrin

Alfred H. Perrin (Alfie) is known to have conducted Lord Londonderry's Own Church Lads Brigade Band (C.L.B.), Newtownards for a few years before the outbreak of the First World War. It appears that he heard the band at a Black Preceptory Parade, and he made it his business to find out when and where they rehearsed. He then turned up at their next rehearsal, and that visit lead to his taking the baton.

The C.L.B.'s band's playing standard improved noticeably in the few years that followed, and the band was to win the Flute Band league's Senior March Competition in his time with them. 

Unfortunately the war put a temporary halt to Banding, and many of C.L.B.'s members joined the war effort (excepting those not allowed to because of their skills in the shipyard or aircraft works)

 Alfred H. Perrin also conducted the Ulster Amateur Flute Band and he composed the marches The Pacer, Bronze Star and Left Incline.