Franz  von Suppé (18 April 1819 – 21 May 1895)  was born in Split in modern day Croatia and christened Francesco Ezechiele Ermenegildo Cavaliere di Suppé-Demelli – he adopted Franz von Suppé when in Vienna.
He had his first music lessons and began to compose at an early age, with little help from his father. However, he was helped by a local bandmaster and a local choir master, and later studied flute and harmony, before going to Italy at 16 years of age to read law. Nevertheless, he continued to study music and was a talented singer.
In Vienna he continued his studies and conducted in a local theatre - without pay at first, but with the opportunity to present his own operas.
Over time, Suppé wrote music for over a hundred productions at a number of theatres in Vienna. He composed about 30 operettas and nearly 200 farces, ballets, and more. Although much of his output is no longer performed, his overtures continue to be concert favourites e.g. Poet & Peasant, Morning, Noon & Night in Vienna, Light Cavalry and Pique Dame. Indeed some of his overtures have cropped up in cartoons like Bugs Bunny, Popeye and Mickey Mouse.