Jaime Texidor

Jaime Texidor Dalmau was a composer, conductor, and publisher who lived most of his life in Baracaldo, a picturesque city in northern Spain. He was born on 16 April 1884 or 1885 in Barcelona. Early in his life he played saxophone in a military band. For many years, from 1928 until his death on 23 February 1957 in Baracaldo, he directed the Baracaldo Municipal Band.

Though best known for Amparito Roca, Texidor was a prolific composer of music for band. His compositions became so numerous, eventually totaling over 500, that he decided to start his own publishing company.

The Spanish march Amparito Roca is one of the band world's most popular paso dobles. This belies the fact that there is much confusion about its origins. Texidor copyrighted the work and had it published in Madrid and, in 1935, in London. However there is inconclusive reason to believe it was actually written by the British bandmaster Reginald Ridewood. A Boosey and Hawkes ad in 1936 included the work as Amparito Roca, "The Sheltered Cliff". However the director of the Baracaldo band once directed by Texidor contends that Texidor dedicated the work to a girl named Amparito (diminutive of Amparo) Roca who lived in that area.